December 2023
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My name is Aliaksandr Liber.
My blog is about travelling and migration.
Opinion leader in the field of travel and migration services. I have loyal audience that fully trusts the information I provide and actively purchases tourism infrastructure products and services I suggest.
My collaborations with brands and hotels is presented in a light and organic way. Most part of this cooperation happens with jewelry brands, hotels, restaurants, and rental services. I look forward to starting a lasting partnership!
Max reach — 750k.
Average reach — 60k.
Max reach — 168k.
Average reach — 11k.
High organic engagement.
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Posts — 800 likes.
Reels — 4,5k likes.
Reels - only organic watch. Posts — ads partially.
Average daily reach — 3-5k.
Consistent dynamics over the week.
Regular cleaning of ghost followers.
Top Locations
Belarus — 29,6%
Women — 91,5%
Men — 8,5%
Age Range
Poland — 18,1
25-34 — 46,6%
Lithuania — 16,8
35-44 — 32,4%
18-24% — 12,9%
Germany— 9,2
Thank you for your interest!
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